How An Isolation Transformer Provide The Safety To Our Electronic System

Isolation transformer plays an important role & used to transfer electric power from an AC power to a device, the powered device is isolated from the power source for safety measures.

Usually, this is connected between utility power and load for various safety reasons. One end is connected to the live point of the primary winding & another end is connected to the neutral point.  One of the secondary winding is connected to the load & another end is tied to the earth.


The other neutral end of the load is connected to the earth of the secondary. Usually, it will provide proper output power with the perfect Isolation.

Proper isolation between the electronic equipment & the power source helps in the safety of the electronic equipment. As we know, the high voltage that is available in the modern electronic equipment & proper isolation provides a safety from a short circuit occur in the equipment.

Isolation transformer provides safety to the electronic equipment & also improves the overall isolation of an electronic design so if anyone want to buy this electric equipment then always buy from Reliable Isolation Transformer Manufacturer In India who have good reputation in their industry. Anyways it is also provide the safety standards for electronic equipment and fulfills the requirements of the domestic & international safety standards of the electronic devices and helps in reducing the overall size and cost of the power electronic equipment.

this transformer are used in a variety of industries to provide safety to their electronic equipment.

Applications of this transformer are as follows:

:- Medical instruments
:- Industrial machines
:- Process Industry
:- Computer controlled machines
:- Telecom Equipment’s
:- Benefits of Isolation Transformer

An Isolation transformer is popular in various industries because of its benefits and usage.

1. it is prevents the risk of the electric shock.  Usually, this transformer doesn’t allow the electric wiring to touch the power line directly.

2. Isolation in various circuits can be substituted by the Isolation transformers.

3. it can also separate the both primary & secondary winding’s.

4. It is also used in reducing the noise and sound of the signal of the audio amplifier to the speaker output circuit.

5. Ratio 1:1 transformers are used in isolation for providing safety to the electronic equipment.

6. it is built with the Faraday shields will surely improve the power quality by attenuating higher frequency noise currents.

Isolation transformers are used for power supply of devices that are not available at a ground level. Isolation transformers are used in compact small sizes for isolation in pulse circuits.

Wrapping it up:  Choose an isolation transformer as per your requirement & budget. You can buy an isolation transformer at most competitive prices from a best isolation, distribution, step down transformer manufacturer and supplier in India. At shakti you can also buy Servo Voltage Stabilizer at very reasonable cost. To know more visit our website.


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